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Quality Animal Health Products

Markethill Road, Turiff,

Aberdeenshire AB53 4PA

T: 01888 568856

E: turiff@townsandcarnie.co.uk

The Ward Huntly,

Aberdeenshire AB54 4QU

T: 01466 792413

E: huntly@townsandcarnie.co.uk

Thainstone Agricultural Centre,

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire AB51 5WU

T: 01467 623824

E: thainstone@townsandcarnie.co.uk

Dog food dog food in a bowl

Downland agricultural products

Downland are specialists in agricultural animal health, with a product range catering for all livestock. We're proud to be in partnership with this fantastic supplier, who enables us to bring you a range of products covering all agricultural animals.

Exclusive distributors of the Downland product range

• Dog foods, worm control and


• Salt blocks, hoof care and more

• Poultry cleaning and sundries

• Pest control products

• Grassland seed and sundries

• Cattle feed, medicines and


• Equine feeds, bedding and


• Sheep milks, feeds and more

• Cat foods, worm control and


Choose from a fantastic range of Downland products. Call Towns & Carnie Ltd, on:

01888 568 856

A huge range of agricultural products, including:

To find out more about this hugely impressive product range, give us a call or pop in and visit us at any one of our three stores. You can also have a look at their complete range here.

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